Josipa Alilović

I  started my PhD at the Department of Psychology at the University of Amsterdam in November 2016 under the joint supervision of Simon van Gaal and Heleen Slagter (Cognition and Plasticity laboratory, Brain and Cognition group). My PhD project aims at exploring the effects of prediction and attention on unconscious processes and conscious perception. To that end, I am conducting experiments in which we manipulate participants’ attention (e.g. stimulus relevance), prediction (e.g. stimulus likelihood), as well as their ability to perceive and report certain stimuli (i.e. conscious perception). In parallel, I record their neural activity with EEG, and use pupilometry and eye-tracking. To uncover how attention and prediction shape the representational content of neural activity, which I am particularly interested in, I perform multivariate decoding analysis on EEG data, but also use time-frequency decomposition and ERPs as tools in my research.

Before I started my PhD, I studied Brain and Cognitive Sciences (MSc) at the University of Amsterdam and Psychology (MA) at the University of Zagreb. In my first research internship, I studied the effects of attention and prediction on the first feedforward sweep of cortical information processing under the supervision of Heleen Slagter. In my second research project, under the supervision of Johannes Fahrenfort, I studied whether the brain is able to attend and select invisible object categories in natural scene images.


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