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Samuel Noorman

I am a PhD student supervised by Simon van Gaal and Johannes Fahrenfort and I will be investigating the relationship between consciousness, recurrent processing, and the NMDA receptor. During my first project, I will do this by pharmacologically blocking the NMDA receptor, using a task design that isolates (local and global) recurrent processes, and by measuring these processes with EEG.

I joined the Conscious Brain Lab in November 2018. Before this, I earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychobiology and a research master’s degree in Brain and Cognitive Sciences, Cognitive Neuroscience Track, both from the University of Amsterdam (UvA). During my research internships for these programs, I investigated whether fragile visual short-term memory is a conscious representation, supervised by Yair Pinto at the UvA; the role of consciousness in reward processing, supervised by Simon van Gaal; and the effect of language on perception, supervised by Irina Simanova at the Donders Institute in Nijmegen.

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