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November 2022

Simon receives an ERC consolidator grant 

We are happy to be able to consolidate our work on the neural mechanisms of consciousness! The project starts in September 2023

Animation new eLife paper! 

June 2022

See here a 7 minute animation made by about the paper by Stijn Nuiten and colleagues, recently accepted in eLife. If you have any questions regarding the paper please contact us. If you also want to make such an animation of your work go to!

Valeria defense.jpg

Congratulations to Valeria!

January 20 2020

Valeria Mongelli receives her doctoral degree! Congratuations to Valeria!


New paper out by Valeria Mongelli!

July 2019

Mongelli, V., Meijs, E.L., van Gaal, S.* & Hagoort, P.* No language unification without neural feedback: How awareness affects sentence processing. Neuroimage.


ABC grant for Maartje de Jong: New CBL member!!

May 2019

Maartje de Jong receives ABC talent grant and joins the Conscious Brain Lab to perform 7T fMRI pharmacological studies on conscious perception!

Congratulations Maartje!

WhatsApp Image 2019-04-05 at

New preprint out!

April 2019

Stijn Nuiten published his first first-author preprint titled 'The brain detects stimulus features, but not stimulus conflict in task-irrelevant sensory input'. 


Congratulations to Erik!

March 25 2019

Erik received his PhD on March 25!


Congratulations to Camile!

November 28 2018

Camile Correa defended her thesis in the Agnietenkapel in Amsterdam!

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-25 at

ASSC 20 in Krakow!

July 2018

It was great!

Josipa defense.JPG

Congratulations Josipa!

Josipa Alilovic received her PhD doctoral degree on July 2 2021!

Upcoming talks

by members of the lab

January 2020

Interactions between top-down expectations and conscious report

Simon van Gaal presents at UCL (hosted by Steve Fleming) and Goldsmiths (hosted by Daniel Yon)

June 2019

Subjective and objective measures in consciousness research

Johannes Fahrenfort will present at a symposium on ASSC in London Ontaria: "Bridging models of perceptual decision-making and consciousness

May 23 2019

Subjective and objective measures in consciousness research

Johannes Fahrenfort gives a talk at the psychology department of the University of Vienna on May 23 2019.

April 29 2019

Consciousness: where do we stand?

Simon van Gaal gives a talk at Utrecht University

April 18 2019

A high-level attentional bottleneck

Stijn Nuiten gives a talk at the Netherlands institute for Neuroscience (on the Amsterdam Vision Meeting)

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