Positions and possible internship projects

January 2019

Internship: MEG data analysis

We are looking for a motivated student to analyze previously collected MEG data. Programming skills in Matlab are obligatory. If you are interested and have questions please contact us.

March 2019

Internship at Cambridge

This internship will be performed at the University of Cambridge, under the co-supervision of Dr. Tristan Bekinschtein and Dr. Andres Canales-Johnson (Psychology Department).

Recently, it has been shown that non-oscillatory, arrhythmic brain states are relevant for perception and cognition. This asynchronous brain states are characterized by a wide range of frequencies in the power spectrum (i.e. it is ‘broadband’) and it seems to exhibit scaling-invariance. This arrhythmic activity has been highly neglected in the past literature by being considered ‘neural noise’. However, recent developments in signal processing and computer simulation of intracerebral recordings (ECoG) has shown that this apparent noise, chaotic activity carries crucial information for perceiving our environment. We are looking for a Master student with a strong interest in signal processing and biophysics, who would be interested in developing analyses of intracortical neural recordings in the human and monkey brain. In this project, we will analyse the contribution of this broadband activity in discriminating tones in the auditory cortex and to model the underlying neural dynamics using biophysically-inspired simulations.

March 2019

Internships and research projects

If you are interested in doing a research project in the Conscious Brain Lab feel free to contact us.


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